Bridal Gown Preservation


Monday, December 21, 2009

Bridal Gown Preservation - How to Do it

Bridal Gown Preservation - How to Do it

Why is a section devoted to the preservation of wedding dress? Is there anything else was discussed in preserving a wedding gown, unlike other garments such as in the basic storage depth of clothes? Frankly, no. The reason for this special section is that the industry has become very great friend. There are many people who want a piece of this cake. Over the years, some dubious methods have developed the "conservation", in some cases more harm than good. This section describes some of the most commonly used, and (their effectiveness in protecting or not) your dress.

Bridal Gown Preservation

Bridal Gown Preservation? What is it?
Before entering the current methods of conservation could be a good idea of what to define "Bridal Gown Preservation" is used when in conjunction with a wedding dress. The maintenance of a garment in the proper sense means simply to prepare for long term storage, that is the subject of dirt, stains and other foreign material, color, or damage to the tissue with the change will free time, then save it in an environment that minimizes damage by light, temperature and moisture and mold and insects.
Through creative marketing, but come on the "Bridal Gown Preservation" in some areas, means a method or a specific process designed specifically for wedding dresses. Be careful when distributing any process with a special name. There are no secrets to protect any kind of clothing. Each curator is confirmed. (And please ask.) And it should be recalled here that when you come through the procedure, says the dress will remain sealed in the box or will void your warranty, one miles! This can protect the seller. You can never all claims against your work!

What you need for Bridal Gown Preservation - and what is not?
When you receive your wedding dress have looked at, there are probably some of the most common methods used for storing met. Plastic bags, vacuum, acid-free boxes ... Some of these methods have for many years - but it works?

One of the most popular method of storage is that their clothes fitted in a sealed plastic bag and store again in a display box. Although seemingly attractive, this method presents some technical problems to themselves.
First, the plastic bags are one of the worst media possible - certainly worse than letting her dress outdoors. Here's why:

* Marked plastic bags Smoke plasticizers (chemicals, stop at the bags are fragile). These fumes discolor fabric over time. Consider supporting it, your clothes with chemicals in the air, which accelerates the whitening sealed!
* Plastic bags are perfect for sealing in moisture. This can accelerate the chemical destabilization of colors and is an ideal environment for the growth of mold and mildew. Any of these conditions ruin a garment.
* As the plastic bags constantly emit their softeners, which are fragile and eventually develop holes, the negation of the main function, which could be used - keep dirt and insects out of her dress.

On the positive side do to the image on the screen - like every carton - no protection from light (see clothing store basis), but can expect to pay about $ 40 for decorating! However, since their errors, this method has fallen into disfavor.

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